PH Quads - Bourgas
Outdoor thrills and skills

​PH Quads is part of a family run business ​based in Marinka village,
​​Burgas, Bulgaria. ​​We originate from the United Kingdom and moved to Bulgaria a few years ago. ​Our village is surrounded by open countryside and hills and it is perfect for outdoor activities. ​This is where people can enjoy the challenge of learning new skills within​ "a piece of real Bulgaria". ​​

​​We highly value the environment and eco-tourism and operate our safaris within known tracks, alternating routes to prevent soil erosion.

​​Our quad bikes are 150cc automatic machines so no need to worry about complicated gears, just the brake and the accelerator. This makes it much easier for you to concentrate on your route and enjoy it. 

Our safaris are suitable for everyone (age 12 years and over) whether you've ridden a quad bike before, or not. For more information about our safaris take a look at Our Safaris page.

​​We provide you with a helmet but for advice on what to wear take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

About PH Quads

For bookings/information contact PH Quads:

Tel:  +359(0)895512616 or +359(0)889180360

​​Please Note - Currently there are problems with texts/SMS from Orange, T Mobile and EE networks. Text messages are not getting through to us. If you are a customer of these networks, please call or complete our contact form.